CD: MDG 316 1294-2

Marcel Dupré
Organ Works Vol. 12

Choral et Fugue, Op. 57

Regina Coeli, Op. 64

Seventy-Nine Chorales, Op. 28
No. 61: O innocent Lamb of God
No. 15: Christ Jesus who maketh us glad
No. 16: Jesus on the Cross
No. 76: We thank Thee, Lord Jesus
No. 62: O man, mourn for thy many sins
No. 11: Christ is risen from the dead

Quatre Fugues Modales, Op. 63
Mode Dorien
Mode Phrygien
Mode Locrien
Mode Ionien

Scherzo, Op. 16

Seventy-Nine Chorales, Op. 28
No. 24: The glorious day is come
No. 12: Christ lay in the bonds of death
No. 34: On this day the Son of God triumpheth
No. 43: Jesus Christ, our Saviour
No. 25: Holy Jesus is risen from the dead

Trois Élévations, Op. 32

Vitrail, Op. 65

Souvenir, Op. 65bis

Ben van Oosten
Cavaillé-Coll Organ Èglise Saint-Sulpice, Paris

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