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CD: MDG 505 1127-2

Crossing the Border

Traditional and Baroque Flute Music of the British Isles
Volksmusik und barocke Flötenmusik aus Schottland, England und Irland

Daniel Dow (1732-1783)
from: Ancient Scots Music and Thirty-sevennew Reells and Strathspeys (c. 1775)

Francesco Geminiani
3 Scotch Airs with Variations from A Treatise of Good Taste in the Art of Musick (1749)

Trad. Irish

Alexander Munro: Sonata on «Fy Gar Rub Her»
Neil Gow (1727-1807): from the Neil Gow collections
Johann Christian Fischer (1733-1800):
Mr. Fischer’s favourite Variations on the Celebrated Irish Air of Gramachree Molly,
sett for the Harpsichord, German Flute and Guitar

Capt. Simon Fraser (1773-1852):
from the Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles (ca 1874)

Francesco Geminiani (1687-1762):
from Rules for Playing in a true Taste on the Violin, German Flute, Violoncello… (1746)

Trad. Irish

Brian Berryman, flutes
Axel Wolf, guitar, lute and theorbo
Eckart Kuper, harpsichord