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CD: MDG 304 0697-2

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Complete Sonatas Vol. 7

Sonata for Trombone (1941)
Sonata for Double Bass (Kontrabaß) (1949)
Sonata for Tuba (1955)
Sonata for Violoncello (1948)
Small Sonata for Violoncello (1942)
A frog he went a courting (1941)

Ensemble Villa Musica
Martin Ostertag, violoncello
Wolfgang Güttler, double bass
Branimir Slokar, trombone
Walter Hilgers, tuba
Kalle Randalu, piano

„Interpretationen, die spielerisch virtuoser, geschlossener, inspirierter nicht denkbar sind.“ (FonoForum)

In his sonatas for double bass and bass tuba, Hindemith demonstrated once and for all that these two heavyweights are indeed viable solo instruments. One can imagine his colleagues advising him against undertaking such a task or telling him that he was downright crazy, but Hindemith, who was just discovering America for himself, was not afraid to explore new musical worlds. “Exemplary interpretation“ (Stereoplay)
“Outstanding quality ... simply captivating“ (FonoForum)

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