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CD: MDG 301 0494-2

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
?Mozart! Vol. 1

Octet in F Major / F-Dur KV App. C 17.05 and B to 370a
Sextet (Parthia) in E flat major / Es-Dur
Octet in E flat major / Es-Dur KV App. C 17.03

Consortium Classicum

„Kammermusikalische Preziosen: in makellos perfekter Balance aufgezeichnet, daß sie einmal mehr die ideale Synthese aus Mischklang und präziser Abbildung / räumlicher Ortbarkeit jedes Instruments erzielten.” (HiFi Vision)
„Man darf auf weitere Überraschungen dieser quasi-Mozart-Serie gespannt sein.” (FonoForum)

”You mean we have new compositions by Mozart? May be, may be not, but there’s more to Mozart than his greatest hits, and that’s what this new series is all about.” (InfoPress) ”Whatever you decide, this spectacular new series shows that the classical music world does indeed continue to hold many a discovery in store - at least when it comes to sorting through the dubious, fragmentary, remarkable, and masterfully forged works constituting its Mozartiana!” (Fanfare)

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