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CD: MDG 309 0428-2

Awards / Auszeichnungen

Diapason d'Or

10 de Repertoire

Jean Marie Leclair (1697-1764)
Six Trio Sonatas for 2 Violins and B. c. op. 4

No. 1 D minor / d-Moll
No. 2 B flat major / B-Dur
No. 3 D minor / d-Moll
No. 4 F major / F-Dur
No. 5 G minor / g-Moll
No. 6 A major / A-Dur

Musica Alta Ripa

„Die Interpreten lassen sich nichts von der Glut und der Schönheit dieser Werke entgehen ... auch klanglich hervorragend gelungen.” (Stereoplay: Interpretation und Klang höchste Bewertung)

”Musica Alta Ripa, a Hannover ensemble whose previous outing for MDG, a collection of Handel cantatas and trios was highly praised. They take the palm here as well. Their tempos are generally quicker than those of the Purcell Quartet, even in the more lyrical French rondeaus, and the melodies are more highly inflected. Highly recommended.” (Fanfare)